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This is the 35th time when the small village of Fábiánsebestyén is hosting the International Driving Competition. There are altogether 60 drivers coming from 10 nations, competing in seven categories. Despite the news regarding bad weather, on the first day of the event the sun was shining almost all day.

In these splendid conditions 13 drivers competed in the fist part of dressage. In pony single the Hungarian Marina Genzwein finished on the first place with 59,10 penalty points. The second was Szilvia Gáspár (66,57), the third Márton Mátyás (75,47).

In the category of horse single Andrea Kun was the best (61,87). The Greek Alexandros Zampouris got the 2nd and the 3rd place as well. He was competing with two differernt carriages (67,26 and 77,93).

In pony pairs Karl Cvörnjek from Austria did the same like his colleague from Greece. Cvörnjek occupied the first two places (47,72 and 53,27), followed by József Farkas and Dávid Lehőcz.

In pony four-in-hand Vilmos Jámbor tried out a new carriage. His horses competed for the first time together during an international event. Jámbor with 49,73 finished first before Máté Rohr (all Hungarians).

In horse four-in-hand with 2 stars the only driver was Lajos Szabó from Békéscsaba. His result: 78,70.

On Friday we will see the second part of dressage. World Champions will compete in horse pairs and horse four-in-hand!

Írta: Cseh-Lakos HOZZÁSZÓLOK

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