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On the 2nd day of the International Driving Competition being held in Fábiánsebestyén Vilmos Lázár was the only athlete in horse pairs, dressage to get penalty points below 40. The 11-time World Champion’s result: 39,17. Zsolt Szilágyi finished on the second place in dressage with 47,02, while the World-silver medallist Károly Hódi occupied the 3rd position (49,49). Extreme wind arrived to Fábiánsebestyén during the dressage of József Dobrovitz Jr. in horse four-in-hand category. Then, it started to rain, as well. In these weather conditions the 8-time World Champion, Zoltán Lázár performed the best dressage test in horse four-in-hands with 43,18 penalty points. The second place went to the World Champion of 2004, József Dobrovitz (47,55), the third was another Hungarian, Lajos Moró (49,67). On Saturday we will see the most exciting event, the marathon driving.
Írta: Cseh-Lakos HOZZÁSZÓLOK

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