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Attention to lorry drivers arriving to the World Championships!

boekmann anglePlease follow the clearly marked, world championships directions from Szentes, from the first roundabout upon approaching the town. That’s how you can avoid getting in downtown full of small roundabouts and prevent any inconvenience arising from stuck lorries and trucks.

At the aforementioned roundabout upon approaching Szentes, please take the perimeter road towards Hodmezovasarhely. Once reaching a large TV tower, please turn left. At the next junction, take the right towards the direction of Kunszentmarton.

Then follow the road for a while till the next roundabout to Fabiansebestyen.

– O –


20 nations, 66 drivers, 197 horses at the World Championship

20 nations and 66 drivers are lined up to the start of the 16th World Driving Championships for Pairs from 9th to 13th September at Kinizsi Park, Fábiánsebestyén. The carriages are arriving not only from Europe but also from North America and South America. Hungary is represented by 9 competitors, including a driver from Csongrád county too.

Argentina with 1, Austria with 6, Belgium with 1, Czech Republic with 3, Denmark with 1, Finland with 2, France with 5, Germany with 6, Hungary with 9, Italy with 3, Netherlands with 6, Poland with 4, Portugal with 2, Romania with 5, Slovakia with 2, Slovenia with 2, Spain with 1, Sweden with 2, Switzerland with 2, USA with 3 carriages represent their nation. Four of these countries have already won more than once the World Championship.

Hungary has been nominated the following drivers: József Jr. Dobrovitz, Nándor Galambos, Károly Hódi, Norbert Kákonyi, Vilmos Lázár, Zoltán Lázár, Kristóf Osztertág, Márk Osztertág and József Jr. Simon.

 – O –

Drivers from Csongrád county at the World Championship

There will be a driver representing Csongrád county at the 16th FEI World Driving Championships for Pairs between 9th – 13th September. Károly Hódi (Szeged) achieved his best results in pairs driving, but he is also a noted competitor in singles. This competition is going to be the driver’s seventh World Championship at Fábiánsebestyén.

Mr. Hódi from Fesztivál Equestrian Club Szeged took part in the World Championships in 1998, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2014. He is a three-time silver medalist and holds a bronze medal as well. He is one of the few drivers who have been a participant in World Championships in three disciples. He won the Hungarian Driving Derby in 2005 and 2010, and this year he won the individual and team silver medal at the National Driving Championship.

At the World Driving Championships for Pairs in 2005, he earned the individual and also the team silver medal. Two year later he succeded again: team silver medal and individual bronze medal.

Another driver from Csongrád county, József Sági from Fábiánsebestyén is a reserve member of Chef d’Equipe, Tamás Tóth’s Hungarian Team.


vb_óriásplakát_fbI would like to invite you, all World Champions and drivers with 2nd and 3rd places, to attend the Opening ceremony of FEI World Driving Championships for Pairs and the Reception following the ceremony.

The Opening ceremony starts at 4 pm on Wednesday, 9th September.

We would highly appreciate if you informed us about your wish to participate and please send a recent passport photo in colour by email (iroda@kinizsizrt.hu) for the accreditation.

I look forward to welcoming you in Fábiánysebestyén.

Get together, drive together for victory!


Mr Sándor Farkas

President of the Organising Committee
of the World Pairs Driving Championship


 – O –

Visitor Card

  • Valid from 09.09.2015 until 13.09., grants unlimited access for the events of the world championship.
  • Price: 20 EUR (tax inclusive)
  • Benefits:
    • Replaces the tickets for each days of the event
    • No waiting, no queues at the cash desk
    • Free program booklet
    • Quick and easy registration through online form
    • Paying by bank transfer
  • Requisition submission deadline: 08.09.2015 !!!

Request your Visitor Card HERE!

 – O –

The list of accomodations has been updated with new places in the town of Csongrád!

 – O –

11826012_659454677523677_8263105597592210099_nFabiansebestyen has been participating in the horse driving sport for more than 40 years. At first not as an organiser but as a competitor: the predecessor of the organiser of the 16th World Pairs Driving Championship, the Kinizsi 2000 Agricultural Ltd. presented a carriage at the competition. Back then the carriages from Fabiansebestyen were used during school leaving ceremonies, festivals and village fetes. Moreover, the nonius bread was used for its famous horsepower for agricultural purposes. To present a carriage at a competition required financial means. That is why it was only after a while that the drivers of Fabiansebestyen managed to obtain a nicely decorated and ornamented carriage. The first plans to build a course accomodating horse driving were concieved much later. The experts of that time planned the rudimentary course on a sheet of paper. The old course of Fabiansebestyen has been developing every year ever since and forms a part of the current one. During the decades, the course, the Kinizsi Park, became a much liked international horse sport location and we are super proud to organise the 16th World Pairs Driving Championship here.
We hope you will also be impressed with our facilities!

 – O –

park3Only 30 days to go before the 16th World Pairs Driving Championship starts in the Kinizsi Park in Fabiansebestyen. The championship is held between 9 and 13 September and hosts drivers from 19 nations. All major competitors from the pair driving world have already submitted their entry.
According to the regulations of the FEI, additional cultural programmes are also served as entertainment. As already traditional there will be a show with horses, as well as the “Ball” for people who are fond of horses and the “Street of Tastes”. The grandious opening ceremony is going to offer plenty of surprises and is promised to be a spectacle. We are convinced it will be a worthy opening for the 16th World Pairs Driving Championship. Don’t miss it!

– O –

park1In addition to standing places, 5000 seats are available for the audience of the 16th World Pairs Driving Championship in Fabiansebestyen. Serving the comfort of the audience, a 900-seats grandstand was already built for the previous competition at the dressage arena. However, that is now developed to accommodate altogether 3200 people. Further 6 stands are built around the obstacles offering comfortable seating for an additional 1800 members of the audience even during the most spectacular phase of the competition.
Come and enjoy!

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